Zerone Duo 

“Zerone Duo” is working on electroacoustic music, audiovisuals, sound installations, game sound design and performance arts. “Zerone Duo” formed in Tehran, Iran, by two sound artists Farbod Maeen and Deniz Tafaghodi. 


“33 1/3” electroacoustic/ audiovisual/ noise/ quadraphonic. 17′

“P.O.V of a floating object” ambient/ quadraphonic. 15′

“Memoir” Game music and Sound design

“Ayvan” electroacoustic/ electronics & Kamancheh & spoken words. 5′

“Duet for Cable and Piano” electroacoustic/ Piano & cable noise. 5′

“Shamseh” electroacoustic/ Piano and objects & spoken words. 60”

Rehearsal No.63 Music and sound design

Farbod Maeen

Iranian sound artist, (b.1985 Tehran, Iran), graduated in Electrical engineering and Interior design Architecture.

Started his career in music as a  guitar player in 2003, composing music and sound designing for contemporary dance performances, theatres, movies and games since 2009.

Dance performances:

Phobia” choreographer Sahar Eftekharzadeh ,Tehran, Iran 2009.

Remember me” choreographer Faezeh Rokhfirouz, Skena up International student film and theatre Festival, Pristina, Kosovo 2014./ 34th  Fajr international festival ,Tehran, Iran 2014.

Reluctant” choreographer Mostafa Shabkhan 2014,Tehran, Iran- Spazo Teatro Nohma Teresa Pomodoro, Milan, Italy 2018.

In The Void Between The Fingers Tallness” choreographer Hamed Soltani , Tehran, Iran 2015.

Maha” body and movement festival, Tehran, Iran 2016.

The other” choreographer Armineh Astanboos ,Tehran, Iran 2016.

Translation” choreographer Sanaz Raeesi,Tehran, Iran 2016.

Parenthese” choreographer Maryam Bagheri Nesami, Tehran, Iran 2016.

Shekarpareh” choreographer Mitra Ziaee Kia, Tehran, Iran 2016/Out of border festival, Austria, Wien 2016/ Movements dialogue, France, Paris 2017/ Bipod Festival Beirut, Lebanon 2017.

Starling” choreographer Ava Golkar, Tehran , Iran 2016.

Bar Mohit” choreographer Amir Amiri, Darbast platform, Mohsen art gallery, Tehran, Iran 2016.

Zoorkhaneh” choreographer Mostafa Shabkhan, /bipod Festival , Beirut, Lebanon, ,2017- 37th Fajr international festival, Tehran, Iran 2019.

Nahoft” choreographer Mohammad Abbasi 36the Fajr international festival, Tehran , Iran 2018/live art festival, Germany, Hamburg 2019.

Weather Report” choreographer Atefeh Tehrani Qashqaie hall, city theatre of Tehran, Iran 2018.

Metaphor” choreographer Shirin Farshbaf, Tehran, Iran 2019.

Engar” Choreographic piece by Amir Amiri/ Mohsen Art Gallery , Darbast platform, Tehran, Iran 2019.


Parvanegi” directed by Amer Mosafer Astaneh 31th Fajr  international festival 2012/ Qashqaie hall, city theatre of Tehran, Iran 2013.

Israfilʼs trumpet” directed by Amer Mosafer Astaneh Iranshahr complex Samandarian hall, Tehran, Iran 2016 / 35th Fajr international festival/ 52th dance and theatre festival of Thessaloniki, Greece 2017.

The doors and the walls” directed by Bahar Razizadeh Hafez hall ,Tehran, Iran 2016.

“Parsehaye movazi” directed by Payam Larian, 35th Fajr  international festival/ Molavi hall , Tehran, Iran, 2016.

Blood Wedding” directed by Mohammad Valizadegan Paliz hall ,Tehran, Iran 2016.


My Way Home” directed by Ramin Bahadori 2013.

The Ants” directed by Anoushirvan Madanchi 2018.

Bamdad” directed by Peyman Jahedin 2018.

The Thousandth Day” directed by Anoushirvan Madanchi 2019.

Lakkeh” directed by Maryam Ghiasi 2019.

Deniz Tafaghodi

Iranian sound artist, pianist and interdisciplinary composer,  (b.1997 Tehran, Iran), studied B.A in Music, Azad Art & Architecture University of Tehran.

She started playing piano since 2003 and composing music and sound designing for theatre, games, performance arts since 2012.


The Girl Who Jumped Out From The Window” directed by Mohammad Hadi Norouzi Da hall Tehran, Iran 2016.

Anniversary Gift” directed by Mohammad Hadi Norouzi Senoghte hall Tehran, Iran 2016.

Cigaretts and Chocolate” directed by Akbar Hadi Nezhad 28th Theater Festival of Zanjan, Iran 2016.

Mr Biderman” directed by Alireza Khosro Abadi Art hall of Zanjan, Iran 2017.

Recent expierience” directed by Mahshid Aghakhani Art complex of Zanjan,29th Theater Festival of Zanjan, Iran 2017.

Pillow Man” directed by Hamidreza Hosseini Art hall of Zanjan, Iran 2017.

Hairy Gorilla ” Physical theatre directed by Reza Moshiri Tehran Theater Pardis hall 2017.

New Version Of Messiah Arrived” directed by Javad Kavandi Tehran University 2018.

Not To Be” Dance performance choreographer Amir Amiri Untimely Dance Festival,Entezami hall,Darbast hall Tehran, Iran 2018.

Dar Miane Abrha” directed by Shaghayegh Ahmadi Art complex of Zanjan, Iran 2018.

Almost Worried Eyes” short film directed by Matin Ahmadi 2017.

Attempts On Her Life” directed by Hamid Mohammad 2019.

Ashk Avar” directed by Mostafa Zarreh Parvar 22th International University Theatre Festival Molavi hall Tehran, Iran 2019.

Pianist, Shourangiz concert, Art hall of Zanjan, Iran.

Pianist, Daneshvar concert, Art hall of Zanjan, Iran.

Pianist, Pouya Poura-Aminʼs ensemble in Set/Ctm Festival 2018/ Ctm Festival 2019. 

Sound Installation, 18th Tajrobeh Festival Tehran, Iran 2018.

Ego” directed by Siavash Pakrah, Molavi hall, Tehran, Iran 2019.

“Shin” electroacoustic piece, spoken words 2019/ 2nd prize of Reza Korourian competition 2020.