"33 1/3"

This quadraphonic piece for two computers and a turntable is made by mixing the pure and processed sounds of locked grooves (the inner groove on a vinyl record in the form of a closed loop, which traps the tonearm and needle, preventing it from entering the label area).
These loops are not exactly the same each time they are played, because of some condition changes(grooves damage, dust,cartridges,needles,etc.)
So this piece will change in each performance, even though it has a specific music sheet in ABAَ form.
The poly-rhythmic part turns into an ambient space, then back to the variations of the first part.

Audiovisual performance

Azad Art Gallery,Tehran,Iran 2019.
Visual by: Ahmad Zolfagharian.

"P.O.V Of a Floating Object"

Is a 15 minutes quadraphonic piece which is performed by two computers.This piece intends to make the audience feel like a floating object and the quadraphonic sound system facilitates this intention.The audience passes through different atmospheres and experiences various environments while floating in the ambiance.

Audio Performance 

Maan Art Gallery, Zanjan,Iran 2019.



Game by: Ahmad Zolfagharian


a self is constantly changing. Our life always expresses the result of our dominant thoughts. The question is not "To be or not to be," it is what we should be until we are not. Life is not a puzzle to be solved, but a reality to be experienced. The crucial thing is to find a truth which is truth for me, to find the idea for which I am willing to live and die. Life is lived forwards, but understood backwards.‏memoir is a life simulation maze game. You should move through a huge complicated maze, time goes by and you grow, blossom, look for your aspirations, diminish and finally die. in a top down world, you encounter with a large number of items which will appear based on your age, your aspirations and your current achievement and status. While you are walking through the maze, getting to an item will show several possible interactions with that item, your decisions have consequences in the future. You have relations, an inventory of collected objects, and possibly several aspirations. Earning everything costs time.
Etemad Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran 2019.


Electroacoustic composition for Kamancheh, electronics and spoken words.

Kamancheh: Ali Taliei

Poem: Farzad Abadi

The ayvān is a single large vaulted hall walled on three sides and opening directly to the outside on the fourth. Seen strictly as a unit of architectural composition, the ayvān is obviously one of the most consistent features of Iranian architecture since Parthian times. Within the Iranian world it is found in palaces, houses, mosques, madrasas, sanctuaries, and caravanserais. 
نه ماه می‌آید نه مردم
ما یک زندگی داریم پشت ابر
یک شهر
یک چهاردیواری
که کروکی‌ها را باد خوب می‌برد از آن
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" Duet for Cable and Piano"

Electroacoustic composition for piano and cable noise.

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Piano, Live Electronics and Spoken Word


By drawing simple geometric shapes and mixing them, different patterns are created, which have many attractions and concepts. Shamseh is a method of drawing the sun, widely applied in Iranian-Islamic arts, especially Islamic geometric arts. An octagonal Shamseh, one of the most widely used design types, is the most harmonious combination of two cosmic shapes, circle and square. The circle is a symbol of time, which is composed of successive and unchanging moments repeated successively. Moreover, the circle is a symbol of the cosmic sky. The square is a symbol of the material world and experience. The square is the earth and the circle is the symbol of the sky. The square is the passive principle, while the circle is the active principle; it is dark in light, stillness and concentration in the face of motion and lightness. An octagon connects these two cosmic shapes, as a symbol of the earth and the other the symbol of the sky. The octagonal interface (dome stem) is used for connecting a square building to a circular dome. To draw an octagonal Shamseh, two squares could be enclosed into circles in a few simple drawing steps. The squares are overlapping squares, the diameters of which have an angle of 45 degrees with each other. The intersection of these two squares creates the octagonal Shamseh, the octagons of which point to eight spatial directions.
"Shamseh" is an interdisciplinary composition for piano, live electronics and spoken words. The foundation of this piece is the geometric drawing of the Shamseh to create sound. Since there is an infinite dot on each string inside the piano that could be considered as the center of the initial circle of drawing the Shamseh, and it will have a different sound from each point, the word "if" is used. repetition and processing of the "if" word is the foundation of live electronic part.


Suoniperilpopolo, Livestream, JUNE 2021.

"Rehearsal  No.63"

Music and Sound design,

Choreographer and Ideator: Mostafa Shabkhan


Molavi Hall, Tehran, Iran, 2021.